Mark Wheelhouse


2nd Year Coordinator

As the Undergraduate Second Year Coordinator it is my job to oversee the organisation of the second year of study of our Computer Science degree. Most of my time is spent running the Second Year Laboratory programme, but I also help out with the tutorial sessions for the Models of Computation course (C240).

As part of my coordinator role I maintain the 2nd Year Course Noticeboard which can be found here. This should be your first point of reference for questions about the course structure, options or regulations.

If you want to keep up with important notices about the Second Year, then as well as regularly checking your e-mails, I recommend following the DoCSecondYear Twitter feed (embedded below):

Reasoning About Programs

As of spring 2013 I have been helping to lecture the first year Reasoning About Programs course along with Sophia Drossopoulou. Whilst theory heavy, this couse encourages a way of thinking about programming that should lead to students writing clearer code in the future.

The lecture notes and tutorial sheets for this course can be found on CATe.
We also make use of Piazza to manage course discussions outside of the lectures.

We are currently working on an automated verification tool to support this course, more details of which will appear here soon!