Talks / Outreach

Murray Shanahan

(This page is no longer kept up to date, as of March 2017)


Interviewed for New Scientist (issue 2806, April 2011)
Guest on Radio 4, Philosopher's Arms (broadcast 13th September 2011)
Interviewed by Rod Liddel for Sunday Times Online (20th November 2011 edition)
Featured in New Scientist (issue 2881, September 2012)
Quoted in New Scientist (issue 2197, May 2013)
Quoted in the Guardian online (27th January 2014)
Interviewed on Radio 4's Today Programme (29th January 2014)
Quoted in the Telegraph online (29th January 2014)
Quoted in the Independent online (29th January 2014)
Quoted in New Scientist (21st March 2014)
Quoted on BuzzFeed (9th June 2014)
Interviewed for the BBC's Click programme (10th June 2014)
Quoted in the Telegraph online (10th June 2014)
Quoted in International Business Times (10th June 2014)
Interviewed by TechRadar (9th July 2014)
Interviewed by Wired (18th July 2014)
Interviewd for Engineering and Technology Magazine (10th November 2014)
Quoted in New Scientist (issue 2997, 26th November 2014)
Interviewed for BBC News at Six and BBC News at Ten responding to Stephen Hawking on AI (2nd December 2014)
Interviewed for BBC News Technology (online) (2nd December 2014)
Interviewed for BBC World Service (World Business Report) (2nd December 2014)
Quoted in The Guardian online (9th December 2014)
Interviewed in Empire Magazine (February 2015 issue) about the film Ex Machina
Interviewed for Channel 4 News (20th January 2015)
Interviewed for Dazed Magazine (January 2015)
Interviewed by The Guardian (January 2015)
Quoted in New Statesman (23rd January 2015 issue)
Interviewed by Film 4 (January 2015)
Interviewed by El Mundo (February 2015) (Spanish)
Featured in International Business Times (February 2015)
Quoted in USA Today (7th April 2015)
Interviewed on KPCC's AirTalk programme (South California Public Radio) (9th April 2015)
Interviewed for Fusion (10th April 2015)
Interviewed for The Atlantic (15th April 2015)
Interviewed by Swiss Television (20th April 2015) (German)
Quoted in The Guardian (26th June 2015)
Interviewed for BBC Breakfast (15th September 2015)
Interviewed for Radio 4's Today Programme (15th September 2015)
Interviewed for BBC World Service Tech Tent (18th September 2015)
Interviewed for Resonance FM Studio Visit (18th October 2015)
Interviewed for Business Insider on "Misconceptions about AI" (22nd October 2015)
Interviewed for Business Insider on "Predictions about the Future of AI" (28th October 2015)
Blog piece in The Washington Post (3rd November 2015)
Quoted in The Guardian (27th December 2015)
Interviewed for BBC World News about DeepMind's AlphaGo program (28th January 2016)
Quoted in The Observer profile of DeepMind's Demis Hassabis (16th February 2016)
Quoted by Tech Insider (23rd February 2016)
Interviewed for BBC Newsnight about the AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol go match (4th March 2016)
Quoted in The Observer on the London AI scene (6th March 2016)
Interviewed for BBC Radio 4's Today Programme about AlphaGo's victory over Lee Sedol (12th March 2016)
Interviewed for BBC One's Weekend News about the AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol go match (12th March 2016)
Quoted by Gizmodo (14th March 2016)
Quoted by BuzzFeed on DeepMind's AlphaGo (14th March 2016)
Guest on Radio 4's Agree to Differ (20th April 2016)
Interviewd for BBC Click (21st May 2016)
Interviewed for China Daily (25th May 2016)
Featured by Hexun.com (25th May 2016) (Chinese)
Interviewed for The Economic Observer (26th May 2016) (Chinese)
Featured by China Science and Technology Network (26th May 2016) (Chinese)
Featured by Economic Information Daily (27th May 2016) (Chinese)
Work on "conscious exotica" featured in New Scientist (25th June 2016)
Work on deep symbolic reinforcement learning featured in The Guardian (27th September 2016)
Two-page article on our deep symbolic reinforcement learning work in New Scientist (8th October 2016)
Work on deep symbolic reinforcement learning featured in The Verge (10th October 2016)
Guest on BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking with Matthew Sweet (8th February 2017)
Interviewed for BBC Radio 4's Rise of the Robots with Adam Rutherford (broadcast 21st and 27th February 2017)

Public Engagement and Events

Royal Institute of Philosophy public lecture, St Mary's University College, Twickenham (5th October 2011)
Invited speaker: Generation Next Festival, Frome (May 2012)
Invited speaker: Cheltenham Science Festival (June 2012)
Invited speaker: World Science Festival (New York) (May / June 2013)
National Physical Laboratory (Teddington) public lecture (20th June 2013)
Invited speaker: Cambridge Festival of Ideas (29th October 2013)
IET distinguished public lecture, Science Museum (27th November 2013)
Speaker: Manchester Debating Union (20th February 2014)
Session chair: Chatham House meeting on Autonomous Military Technologies (24th February 2014)
Presentation to the French Senate (22nd April 2014)
In discussion with Nick Bostrom at the Royal Society of Arts (3rd July 2014)
Invited lecture: London International Youth Science Forum 2014 (26th July 2014)
Speaker: Café Scientifique, Harpenden (26th August 2014)
Panelist: Guardian Film Club screening of Ex Machina (20th January 2015)
Public lecture: CSER (Cambridge) (20th February 2015)
Panelist: Wragge Law Robotics and AI panel (6th May 2015)
Speaker: Pint of Science, Cambridge (19th May 2015)
Panelist: Web We Want Festival (30th May 2015)
Panelist: Cheltenham Science Festival: Ex Machina: Inside Artificial Intelligence (6th June 2015)
Speaker: Existential Questions at the ICA (7th June 2015)
Panelist: Vanity Fair Intelligence Squared Digital Summit (11th June 2015)
Speaker: New Scientist Instant Expert: Consciousness (12th September 2015)
Speaker: The Arts Club Debating Society: Will Robots Destroy the Human Race? (14th September 2015)
Speaker: The Real Time Club: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (29th September 2015)
Speaker: London Futurists Meetup: The State of the Future (13th November 2015)
Speaker: Innovation Forum Imperial College: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (14th April 2016)
Q&A: Herne Hill Free Film Festival on Ex Machina (11th May 2016)
Panelist: Cheltenham Science Festival: Artificial Intelligence: Fact vs Fiction (10th June 2016)
Q&A: Donmar Warehouse on Nick Payne's play Elegy (14th June 2016)
Talk: on the future of AI for The Regsiter (28th June 2016)
Interviewed: Science Museum Lates with Radio Wolfgang (31st August 2016)
Interviewed: by Tom Standage for The Economist Facebook Live (13th September 2016)
Speaker: Cambridge Union Society, opposing the motion "This House Fears the Rise of Artificial Intelligence" (20th October 2016)
Panelist: Science Matters with Brian Cox on artificial intelligence and machine learning, Royal Festival Hall (London) (10th January 2017)
Speaker: London Creative AI meetup (18th January 2017)
Panelist: Belief and Beyond Belief Festival, South Bank Centre (London) (4th February 2017)

Keynotes and Panels

Invited speaker: AISB 2011, York, April 2011
Invited speaker: "Animal Minds: from Computation to Evolution", Royal Society, January 2012
Keynote speaker: BICA 2011, Washington DC, Nov 2011
Keynote speaker: ASAB Interdisciplinary Workshop 2012: Physical Cognition & Problem Solving, Birmingham, June 2012
Keynote speaker: "Persons and their Brains", Oxford, July 2012
Keynote speaker: AISB 2013, Exeter, April 2013
Keynote speaker: PTAI-13, Oxford, September 2013
Invited speaker: British American Project, Cambridge, November 2013
Keynote speaker: BCS SGAI-2013, Cambridge, December 2013
Keynote speaker: BCBT 2014, Barcelona, September 2014
Invited Speaker: Computers and Minds, Being Human Festival, Edinburgh, November 2014
Panelist: The Future of AI: Challenges and Opportunities, Puerto Rico, January 2015
Panelist: Founders Forum, London, June 2015
Invited lecturer: University of Oxford - Shanghai Jiaotang University Overseas Programme, Oxford, August 2015
Keynote speaker: Computational Intelligence Unconference 2015, London, August 2015
Co-organiser and panel chair: NIPS 2015 symposium Algorithms Among Us, Montreal, December 2015
Panel chair: NYU Symposium on the Future of Artificial Intelligence, New York, January 2016
Plenary speaker: AISB 2016, Sheffield, April 2016
Panelist: London AI Summit, May 2016
Speaker and panelist: The 7th Asian Leadership Conference, Seoul, South Korea, May 2016
Plenary speaker: ICANN 2016, Barcelona, September 2016
Speaker: Deep Learning Summit, London, September 2016

Talks / Outreach