Op-Art Generator and Animator


Undergraduate, MSc


To provide a computer generator for the Op Art work of Bridget Riley, where the generator will allow a user to adjust parameters used in generating the Op Art, and also generate sequences of images to form an animation.


Bridget Riley is one of Britain's best-known living artists, and there was in 2003 a major exhibition at the Tate Gallery of her work. She is famous for what is often called Op Art, which is optically vibrant paintings which actively engage the viewer's sensations and perceptions.

This project aims to use computer technology to generate images similar to those produced by Bridget Riley, but allow the computer user to adjust the parameters used to generate the images. The artist used mathematical ideas in constructing the original art, but did not formalise the mathematics. Thus part of the project will involve deducing from the art work what are the underlying formulae to represent the graphical images. Then adjusting parameters of these formulae will adjust the image that is generated.

By progressively adjusting the parameters of the formulae the images will form a series that may be animated. The project should allow for such generations to be performed and displayed.

The algorithmns and methods produced should be assessible in three ways:


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