Current Status:

This challenge took place in October 2016 and conference proceedings reporting on the preliminary results can be found in these DBLP repository. Please also refer to our preliminary results paper and author's PDF version

This challenge (STACOM SLAWT) focuses on algorithms for segmentation of left atrial wall thickness from MRI and CT. Here is our call to the challenge.

It is part of the Statistical Modelling and Computational Modeling of the Heart (STACOM) 2016 workshop to be held at MICCAI 2016. STACOM is supported by the cardiac atlas project. MICCAI 2016 will be held from 17th to 21st October 2016 in Athens, Greece.

The final programme can now be downloaded here

The images included in the challenge consists of MRI (n=10) and CT (n=10) datasets. The MRI images are acquired at 1.4 mm isotropic resolution. The CT images are acquired at 0.5 mm in-plane resolution with a slice thickness of 1 mm. Please see this page more information.

Please take a look at the challenge objectives in our FAQ section

We welcome any invidividual to take part in this challenge. Please read the terms and conditions and return the signed data accesss agreement form, we will get in touch.

The challenge sets out certain objectives, please take a look at these in the FAQ section. But most importantly it is to segment the left atrial wall and quantify its thickness from CT and MRI.

  • 15th June - Abstract submission
  • 21st June - Paper submission
  • 15th July - Notification of acceptance
  • 1st August - Submission of camera ready version
  • 17th October - Workshop, programme now available
We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting this challenge