ILP Applications and Datasets


This page links to various applications of ILP with which our research has been concerned. Each application has involved the construction of one or more datasets, used as input to either the Golem or Progol programs. As a service to the machine learning community, we are making these available to those wishing to compare and evaluate different machine learning techniques. You can therefore read these pages both for information about how ILP is used, or because you want to download a dataset.

Each applications page contains a brief introduction to the application. This is followed by a more detailed account which describes how the examples being learnt from are represented using predicates. The page ends with links to our FTP site via which you can download the appropriate dataset. A few pages have datasets for both Golem and Progol; most, though, provide data for only one of these programs. The page also references the original papers for our experiments with the dataset, and points to LaTeX and PostScript README files which are similar in content to the page. Most of the datasets are stored as compressed TAR files.

The applications

Datasets may also be available from other Machine Learning groups
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