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Thu Jan 18 12:49: Cloudstack zone "doc-46": run out of IP addresses - please destroy any surplus VMs

The main zone "doc-46" in our DoC private cloud,, currently has 545 VMs ("cloud instances") - which are using all 545 public IP addresses that it currently has available. Please login to and check whether you have any VMs that are no longer needed: if so, please destroy them! We are also checking whether there are any unused IP address ranges within the 1024-IP address wide vlan currently allocated for all cloud VMs.

Mon Jan 8 11:50: Old gitlab repos archived to

To ensure the performance of, we routinely archive all "last year's labTS" Gitlab repos, and other repos that belong solely to last year's graduates, to our readonly service, either in the summer, or at Xmas. This year, I did it over Xmas. Any archived gitlab repo, that you could previously have cloned via a URL of the form: git clone will now be available - READONLY - for cloning via: git clone Gitolite deliberately has no web interface, so ONLY supports ssh-key based access using the same ssh keys that you'd already loaded into gitlab (gitlab also supports https-based cloning, but gitolite doesn't). If you've forgotten the name of some of your repos, and you want to see the complete list of (about 30,000!) gitolite repos (whether or not you can then clone them), you can do: ssh info > /tmp/all_gitolite_repos