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If you are a final year student starting your individual or group project and you think you might need additional computing resources to complete your project, please mail full details to us after noting these points:

Details of shared directories for group projects

If group projects require shared workspace we set up a directory on the server which can be accessed from the Windows and Linux systems. Exact details of the directory location are mailed to the students. This page provides further general information.

Accessing the shared directory

The path to the directory on Linux systems will be something similar to this:


To make this easier to access, you could create a symbolic link in your home directory, eg:

ln -s /vol/project/2000/group# project

On the Windows systems it will be something similar to this:


If you map a network drive to this use a letter after H: Letters before H: may conflict with hardware on some systems.

There are some notes on remote file transfer.

Unix group for the project

A Unix group with the same name as the project directory will be set up. You should find that you are automatically added into this group next time you log in (type groups if you want to check).

You can use the group permissions on files so that they can be shared between members of your group without making them accessible to other users. See the Unix commands chgrp and chmod, or see our introductory guide.

These groups also apply when you access your project directory from the PCs.

You might also want to use the Revision Control System or CVS when updating your files.

Accessing the group directories from the web

If the project requires web pages a subdirectory "public_html" may have been created inside your project directory. Once you have created an index.html and made it readable by all, you can find it on the web by opening a URL similar to the following (modify the text in italics according to the details in the email sent to you):


If you want a less long-winded URL you could create a symbolic link in the public_html directory in your own account, eg.:

cd ~/public_html
ln -s /vol/project/2000/group# project


If you haven't created your own web pages yet...

If you want to run CGI scripts from your group project area please read the notes on CGI first.

General notes

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