Introduction to Perl: Academic Year 2014-5, January 2015

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This web page contains all the materials for my Introduction to Perl Short Course, that I gave between 12th-14th January 2015, to Dept of Computing second year students.

Changes this year:

  • Added more one-liners.
  • Added some material about Modern versions of Perl.
  • For the time ever, while I included CGI in the notes, I deliberately skipped CGI in the presentation.
  • Added a paragraph about Perl MVC Web frameworks.
  • Added a paragraph about Perl ORM module DBIx::Class.
  • Added a paragraph about Moose to the slides, and some Moose examples in the Extra Notes document.

Here are the course materials, covering the lectures, some exercises and some extra notes.

These materials are also available on CATE, the Department's teaching support system, under course 277. But DoC students should alredy know how to access that:-)

First Lecture

Second Lecture

Third Lecture

Fourth Lecture

Fifth Lecture

Example CGI Scripts from the Fifth Lecture

Sixth Lecture

Seventh Lecture

Eighth Lecture

Some Exercises for you to try

Here are some Perl exercises you might like to work through.

Some Extra Notes

Here are some extra notes for Perl material that didn't make it into the course, which may still be of interest.. Much of this discusses Moose, a new OO system for Perl, mentioned briefly in Lecture 6. The mooseperson-v1 and mooseprogrammer-v1 directories mentioned in these extra notes may be found in the examples for the sixth lecture tarball.
Updated: January 2015 
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