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Bitcoin Visualization: Bitviz
Blockchain Graph Database: Neo4j (Please contact for a login.)
Blockchain Visual History: Adjacency Matrix Interactive Tool
William Penney Laboratory
South Kensington Campus

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11 June 2019
Towards open data blockchain analytics: a Bitcoin perspective
D. McGinn, D. McIlwraith, Y. Guo
R. Soc. open sci. 2018 5 180298; DOI: 10.1098/rsos.180298. Published 8 August 2018
Toward Open Data Blockchain Analytics: A Bitcoin Perspective
McGinn et al.
Pre-print arXiv:1802.07523 - 21 February 2018
Research Article submitted for publication to the Royal Society Open Science journal.
Exploring some of the prime open data benefits of 'public permissionless' blockchain architectures.
Data Stories
Data Stories Podcast
25 October 2017 - Episode 107: Visualizing Bitcoin with Dan McGinn
HRH Duke of York
HRH Prince Andrew Duke of York
28 June 2017
On a personal visit to the DSI to expand his knowledge of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Big Data pattern recognition.
FT-Inside Europe's biggest data visualisation laboratory
Financial Times - Imperial College London maps bitcoin transactions across 64 screens
24 May 2017
Professor Jennings HPC Conference
Professor Nick Jennings - Vice Provost (Research), formerly Government Chief Scientific Adviser (National Security)
23 February 2017 - High Performance Computing Conference at Imperial College London.
Guardian-Why data is the new coal
Guardian - Why data is the new coal
27 September 2016
Bitcoin Source Visualization
From Where do Bitcoins Come?
13 September 2016
Visualization querying Neo4j database of the whole blockchain transaction graph. For each block from 0-400,000, it shows the source of its inputs across all previous blocks (grey to red according to the percentage contribution). E.g. the highlighted point shows 61.08% of the inputs to block#392,193 come from block#103,165. Shows the expected high velocity of Bitcoin transactions demonstrated by the clear red region close to the diagonal, and also discrete Satoshi activity mopping up coins from early blocks.
Sir Mark Walport Wired Money 2016
Professor Sir Mark Walport - Government Chief Scientific Adviser
23 June 2016 - Wired Money Conference 2016.
Big Data Journal
Visualizing Dynamic Bitcoin Transaction Patterns
McGinn et al.
Big Data. Jun 2016, 4(2): 109-119. DOI:10.1089/big.2015.0056
Understanding Blockchain Technologies Through Visualization
Invited talk at Nordic Capital Markets Forum
Den Sorte Diamant, Copenhagen 28 April 2016
BBC Click
BBC Click
05 December 2015

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