My TikZ poster

NOTE that we joined our efforts with the tikzposter team, which resulted in an improved version 2.0 of the tikzposter class that you can find in This class combines both good structure and nice layouts. The official webpage of our project is (under construction).

I am not going to maintain this style.

I was to prepare my first scientific poster (for KR 2012) and tried to look up the existing solutions. I did not like Beamer poster, and since I was already quite familiar with TikZ and knew what one can do with it, I have decided to create my own style based on a0poster and TikZ only, and called it fancytikzposter. Then I got into it so much that I developed different poster templates with the possibility of personalizing the look of the poster. See my posters here and here.

If you want to make a poster using my template, download fancytikzposter sources and pdf with instructions (that can be also obtained by compiling the source files):

By now, there are five templates with different node shapes and colors.

UPDATE. June 25, 2013. The current version is 2.1. I added a sixth template, a variation of the 3rd template, it is not very serious, but I like how it looks. Though I am not sure it can be really used for a scientific poster. I also did some minor changes: added an environment for figures as the standard figure environment does not work inside a tikzpicture. Now you can use the tikzfigure environment (thanks to Stephan Thober for a first version of it), it does not provide the full functionality of the figure environment, but it has counters and optional captions. I also renamed some macros (sorry for that) to have a bit more coherent naming of the various blocks. The version 2.0 can be found using this link.