Dr Francesco Belardinelli

I am lecturer at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.

My research focuses on the applications of logic-based formalisms to Artificial Intelligence.
My main areas of interest include:

  • Logic-based Languages for Artificial Intelligence
  • The Specification and Verification of Multi-agent Systems
  • Strategic Reasoning under Imperfect Information

I am currently developing the ANR JCJC project SVeDaS on the specification and verification of data-aware systems.

I am also partner in the ANR PRC project AGAPE on auction languages for general auction players.

For a detailed list of academic and extra-curricular activities, you can refer to my CV.

New: one 4-year PhD position is available on themes pertaining to the verification of strategic behaviour in multi-agent systems.
If interested, please read more here.

Contact details:
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
180 Queen's Gate
SW7 2AZ, London UK

e-mail: francesco[dot]belardinelli[at]imperial.ac.uk

Last updated 19/06/2019