Computational Logic and Argumentation
Department of Computing
Imperial College London


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Argumentation is a powerful technique aiming at the evaluation of possible con clusions/claims by considering reasons for and against them. These reasons (arguments and counter-arguments) provide support for and against the conclusions, through logical reasoning.

Although originally proposed within the realms of logic, philosophy, and law, in the last decade argumentation has attracted wide interest in computing to understand and meet the challenges of a number of applications characterised by the lack of certain, consistent and complete information, and when numerical (e.g. statistical) information is not available or is only partially available.

The group is developing models and systems of computational argumentation grounded in computational logic, and studying relationships between these models and systems and other logic-based paradigms from knowledge representation and reasoning in artificial intelligence, including (abductive) logic programming and non-monotonic reasoning. Research in the group is predominantly theoretical, but driven by applications in several areas including:

  • decision-making for medicine: see papers at KR2012, CIMA2014 and AAMAS2014 (TRaDAr EPSRC project)
  • decision-making for smart electricity (TRaDAr EPSRC project)
  • decision-making for Feature-Based Design and Modelling for Injection-molding Optimization (DesMOLD EU project, see ICTAI2014 paper)
  • debate in social networks
  • engineering design (see Arg&Dec system and paper at TAFA2015)

  • For information, contact Francesca Toni