Iddo Tzameret

Chair in Computational Complexity
Department of Computing
Imperial College London

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I welcome new PhD students to my group. If you're interested please email me. See ad here .

During spring term of 2023, I'll be visiting the Simons Institute at Berkeley University.


My research is supported by a five-year ERC (European Research Council) Consolidator Grant, under the EPRICOT project.

My research lies broadly in the theory of computing, algorithms and complexity. I'm exploring the limits of efficient computation and inference, both as a natural and a mathematical phenomenon. This includes computational and proof complexity, satisfiability, algebraic, logical and combinatorial approaches in complexity, and the theory of SAT- and constraint-solving. Find out more about my research in my publication page; see also this survey.

Short Bio: Since 2021 I'm a professor in the department of computing at Imperial College London. Before that I've been a professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, a visiting scholar at Oxford University (Winter/Spring 2019), an assistant professor at Tsinghua University (Beijing) and a research fellow at the academy of sciences (Prague). I completed my PhD from Tel Aviv University under the supervision of Ran Raz (Weizmann Institute) and Nachum Dershowitz (Tel Aviv University).


2021-2026: PI for European Research Council ERC Consolidator Grant: Efficient Proofs and Computation: a Unified Algebraic Approach (EPRICOT).

2014-2017: PI for The National Natural Science Foundation of China Grant (61373002). New Approaches to the Limits of Efficient Propositional Reasoning


2022 - : Michal Garlik ((St. Petersburg →) Imperial)

2022 - : Tuomas Hakoniemi ((UPC Barcelona →) Imperial)

Research Students

2022 - : Svyatoslav Gryaznov (incoming PhD, Imperial)

2022 - : Tal Elbaz (incoming PhD, Imperial)

2022 - : Luming Zhang (MSc, Imperial)

2021 - : Nashlen Govindasamy (PhD, Imperial)

2016 - 2019 : Fedor Part (PhD, Royal Holloway → postdoc at AVCR Prague)

2012 - 2014: Fu Li (PhD student in Tsinghua → UT Austin graduate program)

2012 - 2013: Zhengyu Wang (undergrad in Tsinghua → PhD from Harvard)


Department of Computing
Imperial College London
Huxley Building, 559
South Kensington Campus
London, SW7 2AZ
United Kingdom



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