About me

I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and I am part of the Large Scale Data & Systems (LSDS) Group.

My research interests are in systems support for data science and big data to enable efficient use of modern and future hardware. My research spans across multiple system subfields: data processing layer, operating systems, and hardware accelerators for data processing.

I completed my PhD in the Systems Group at ETH Zurich, where I was advised by Gustavo Alonso and Timothy Roscoe. I also held roles at Microsoft Research and Oracle Labs. I was awarded the ETH Medal for my PhD dissertation in the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich and I am one of the recipients of the Google PhD Fellowship for Operating Systems in 2014. More details can be found in my CV.

I am looking for highly qualified and motivated PhD candidates who are interested in pursuing research and building systems to support data science and big data processing on modern and future hardware.

For more information about our ongoing research and active projects, please check here. If you would like to apply, check our page for current vacancies and scholarships.


  • I gave an invited talk on "Active Heterogeneous Hardware and its impact on System Design" at DaMoN 2018 (my slides).
  • I will be co-chairing the SIGMOD student research competition in 2019 with Eugene Wu. Please consider submitting your work or encourage your students to do so!
  • I will serve on the PC for NSDI 2019. Please consider submitting your work.
  • I gave a departmental seminar talk at Cambridge Computer Lab. Thank you Eiko Yoneki for hosting my visit.
  • I will serve on the PC for SIGMOD 2019. Please consider submitting!
  • I was awarded the ETH medal for my PhD thesis "Database/Operating System Co-Design"
  • I will serve as a reviewer and mentor for EuroSys Doctoral Workshop 2018.
  • I wil serve as a reviewer for ICDE Industry track in 2018.
  • I am co-chairing the SIGMOD student research competition in 2018 with Alvin Cheung


Chair: SIGMOD SRC 2019 (with Eugene Wu), EuroSys Travel Grants (with Dan Alistarh), SIGMOD SRC 2018 (with Alvin Cheung)
PC member: SIGMOD 2019, NSDI 2019, EDBT Demo 2019, ICDE Industry 2018, EuroSys' doctoral workshop 2018, SIGMOD Demo 2017, ISCA's ASBD (Architecture Support for Big Data) 2017
Shadow PC: EuroSys 2016
Organizer: "Panel for Women in CS" at ETH Zurich (Spring 2015, 2016)