My research spans across multiple systems subfields: from the data processing layer to operating systems and hardware accelerators for data processing. I work on a broad range of topics starting from algorithms, data types and structures for modern data processing/ analytics workloads, to building system support (accelerators, OS kernels, runtime systems, execution engines, frameworks, etc.) for running such workloads on modern and emerging hardware.

In general, my research is based on building real systems and a strong analytical treatment of the performance models related to these systems.


There are several fully-funded PhD positions currently available. The funding is not tied to a particular project, but the candidate should ideally be interested in some of the described ongoing projects listed here.

What are the requirements?

Candidates must have a background in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering, with some experience in the following areas: data management, computer architecture, hardware acceleration (GPUs, FPGAs, Xeon Phi, etc), operating systems, high performance computing, or compilers.

What do we offer?

At LSDS we provide an exciting research environment in a diverse, international group that has strong connections and collaborations with various other research groups and industry. As such, there will be plenty of opportunities for industry or research internships, and collaboration with leading researches in the field within the UK and abroad. We publish our work at top-tier venues and have regular presence at leading conferences and meet-ups. Our students have weekly meetings with their advisers and get to work with some of the bleeding-edge hardware infrastructure and continuous. The group hosts regular seminars and reading groups on various systems-related topics.

The Department of Computing is a leading department of Computer Science among the UK universities and worldwide and Imperial is one of the top ranked universities in the world. London is a vibrant, multicultural city with a lot to offer and as the leading tech hub in Europe is one of the best places to work and have impact on industry, society and the start-up scene.

Application Steps

If the above sounds interesting, please do not hesitate to send me an email briefly explaining your interests and background and attach your CV. I am happy to answer any informal enquiries.

Formal applications for the PhD program can be submitted throughout the year using the college application system (see the guidelines). Please state "System support for Big Data/Data Science" in the title and select "Dr. Jana Giceva" as the proposed research supervisor. Please submit you application through the college application system.