- May I work with you on a project? (staff or general public)
I am always interested in new collaborations. Please contact me to discuss this further.

- May I work with you on a project? (students)
I supervise a small number of projects each academic year. Please contact me, or your Year Coordinator, for more information.

- What projects interest you?
I like useful things. Please see my research interests for more information, or contact me to brainstorm.

- What projects could you supervise?
I have/prefer a multidisciplinary Comp/IT background/approach. Examples include (but are not limited to): Programming, Networking, Databases, Web Technologies, VR/AR, Ed/Tech, and others.

- Current Projects:

Personal Project:
> "Ed/Tech - TBA" (using the 3D mind-mapping software "Thortspace"), kgk, 2018-2020.

- Past Projects:

MSc Computing Science Individual Projects:
> "PLeaP: A Personalised Learning Platform", Nikiforos Botis, 2017-2018.

MEng/Beng Computing/JMC Final Year Individual Projects:
> "Learning to Identify Fake Users in Livestreaming Chatrooms" [Student Proposal], Harry Nash, 2017-2018.
> "A Blockchain-based Information Management System", Jiranart Vacheesuthum, 2016-2017.

MEng/Beng Computing/JMC Third Year Group Projects:
> "SeenIt: A Content Similarity Identifier", Chen Wei Jian & Crystal Chang & Leow Yao Yang & See Jie Xun, 2017-2018.

UROP Projects:
> "A DataBase Normalisation Wizard Tool", Alexandru-Petre Cazan, 2018.