I have been involved in teaching the following courses and seminars.

Spring 2023Imperial CollegeCOMP70004/COMP97109 Advanced Security
Fall 2021,2020,2019Imperial CollegeCO447 Advanced Security
Fall 2017, Fall 2018Imperial CollegeCO445H Advanced Security
Spring 2017Imperial CollegeCO444H Advanced Compilers
Fall 2014University of WashingtonComputer Security 484/584
Fall 2011MITComputer Systems Security (6.858)
December, 2011POMIIntroduction to Web and Browser Security
December, 2011POMIIntroduction to Malware: Attacks and Defenses
Spring 2010University of WashingtonProgram Analysis for Software Security (CSE 504)
Winter 2006StanfordAdvanced Compiling Techniques (CS 243)
Fall 2005StanfordProgramming Languages (CS 242)
Spring 2002StanfordAdvanced Topics in Compilers (CS 343)
Spring 1999CornellDiscrete Structures (CS 280)