I am a PhD student and Teaching Scholar in the Adaptive and Intelligent Robotics Lab in the Department of Computing, at Imperial College London, working under the supervision of Dr Antoine Cully.

As a PhD student, my research focuses on Quality-Diversity algorithms, in particular applied to Uncertain environments, as well as Deep Reinforcement Learning and synergies between these two types of learning algorithms. To know more about what I mean by Uncertain domains, check our latest paper introducing Uncertain Quality-Diversity, I am really proud to say it just got accepted in IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation :D.

I am also part-time working as a Teaching Scholar in the Department of Computing, spending 1/3 of my time on teaching activities in parallel to my research. Additionally, since January 2023, I am in interruption of study, working as a Research Assistant on the DARPA’s Learning Introspective Control robotics project, jointly with Peraton and Princeton University.

In parallel to my study, I am part of the organising committee of the Imperial College Autonomous Reasoning and Learning (ICARL) seminars. I am also organising the Deep Reinforcement Learning Reading Group within Imperial College, and I am involved in some other activities of the Computation Research Society.

Desktop View My lab in 2022 :) (we got new members AND new robots in the meantime)

If you are new to Quality-Diversity and you want to learn more about our research, we wrote a blogpost for AIHub. My lab also maintain a Quality-Diversity website documenting new research and papers in this field.