About Me

I am an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London. I also run ILASP Limited, which is a computer science research consultancy, focussing specifically on the development and application of systems for Inductive Logic Programming. I am a member of the SPIKE group.

My current research is in the area of Inductive Logic Programming; specifically my work addresses learning Answer Set Programs consisting of normal rules, choice rules, (hard) constraints, and weak constraints. For more information, please see my list of publications.

ILASP (Inductive Learning of Answer Set Programs)

During my PhD I developed the ILASP system for learning answer set programs. For the technical background of ILASP, please see my publications. More information about the ILASP system, including information about where to download ILASP can be found at www.ilasp.com.

ILASP is free to use for research and education. If do use ILASP for research, we ask that you use this citation of the system, in addition to citing the relevant research papers. Anyone wishing to use ILASP for commercial purposes should contact Mark Law (mark@ilasp.com).

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