Short Bio.

Regent's Park, February 2014
Hi! I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London and a member of the Biomedical Image Analysis Group. I am also collaborating with a team of great engineers and scientists at ThinkSono in order to create the world's first software to diagnose deep vein trombosis. I obtained a PhD in Medical Image Analysis in October 2017 from Imperial College London under the supervision of Daniel Rueckert. Upon completion of my graduate studies, I have been awarded the EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship for doing post-doctoral research. Prior to moving to London, I was a research assistant in the Computer Engineering Department at Bilkent University, from where I received a MSc degree. And before that, I obtained a BSc in Computer Engineering from Ege University.

I have been doing research in the field of biomedical image computing and medical computer vision for the last 8+ years with a focus of developing and implementing intelligent systems using machine learning. In particular, my research interests include multi-modal image segmentation and classification, non-linear feature reduction, data clustering, and network analysis. My current research project focuses on the semantic understanding, segmentation and classification of brain images using deep learning. During my PhD, I developed novel computational methods for the parcellation and functional analysis of the brain. I used to work on object detection and segmentation problems in microscopy images.

I am always eager for new challenges and opportunities, where I can use my skills and expertise for solving real-world problems. Please contact me if you would like to speak about suitable positions or for technical consultancy.