DoC Computing Support Group

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|| {{ ||width="80" }} || Thomas Joseph, <<BR>> Cloud Manager, <<BR>> room 225 Huxley ||

The Computing Support Group provides and operates computing services used for teaching, research and administration within the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, one of the top five Universities in the world.

Computing Support in the rest of College is provided by a separate, much larger, organisation, called Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). CSG work closely with ICT.

CSG is responsible to Daniel Rueckert, the Head of Department, Anne O'Neill, the Department Operations Manager, and Naranker Dulay, the Academic Co-director of CSG. They set overall policy for CSG, which CSG then implement. CSG is managed technically by Lloyd Kamara (Systems Manager), Duncan White (Technical Coordinator) and Silvana Zappacosta Amboldi (Information Systems Co-ordinator).

CSG currently consists of 9 DoC staff, plus a member of ICT's Engineering Faculty Support team based permanently with us. At present, this is Pete Brown.

Duncan White,
Technical Coordinator,
Linux and Perl guru,
room 225 Huxley

Christian Bosio,
Windows Systems Programmer,
room 225 Huxley

Dr Michael Breza,
Linux Systems Programmer,
room 225 Huxley

Pete Brown
ICT Faculty Support Specialist,
room 225 Huxley

Geoff Bruce,
Help Desk guru,
room 225 Huxley

Gary Corrall,
Linux Systems Programmer,
room 225 Huxley

Dr Lloyd Kamara,
Systems Manager,
room 225 Huxley

Giuseppe Mazza,
Systems Programmer,
room 225 Huxley

Silvana Zappacosta-Amboldi,
Information Systems Coordinator & Tutorial Support Coordinator,
room 225 Huxley


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