DoC Computing Support Group

Recent Changes

Here we describe recent changes CSG have made to our services:

Oct 2015

  • Following requests in our recent user survey for more quota, we decided to double all new users' DoC home directory quota from 4GB to 8GB.

  • Of course, we also raised the home directory quota of all existing users with less than 8GB to 8GB.


Aug 2015

  • Major version upgrade of the DoC Private IaaS CloudStack management Interface from>4.4.1->4.4.2->4.5.1.

  • Updated the VM image templates to include fail2ban and sshguard along with the latest kernel updates. Users deploying 'Non CSG' maintained templates now have access to their ICT home directories which are 8Gb and are backed up.
  • 90% of the VMs have been updated to the latest kernel and rebooted to reflect it.
  • The old batch server Tui, alias batch1, has been retired. batch1 is now an alias for Potoo01 and batch2 is now an alias for Potoo02.

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