DoC Computing Support Group


CSG offers a wide range of services to Department of Computing users, including:

  • Authentication - we manage a Kerberos single-sign-on authentication infrastructure for local users.

  • Email - DoC now uses the College's central Email service. However, we still feed list-membership information to ICT generated from CSG and the DoC Teaching Database records. Here's a list of all such mailing lists and their current membership.

  • File storage - we provide network-accessible file storage for user home directories, local research groups, and to support Departmental administrative functions.

  • Backups - we operate both daily on-line backups and weekly tape backups of network file storage.

  • Web - our web hosting service for local users.

  • Private IaaS Cloud - DoC's new private cloud!

  • Databases - database services available for teaching and research use.

  • Networks - details on wired and wireless network provision to servers, desktops, and other client devices.

  • Desktops - information on support provided for desktop PCs for staff, researchers, and PhD students.

  • GitLab - flexible GIT-based collaboration tool for projects with arbitrary members.

  • Standard managed desktop environments:
    • Linux - including information on remote login facilities via SSH.

    • Windows - including information on remote login facilities via Terminal Services.

  • Macs, managed by ICT:
  • Projects - information on resources for Individual and Group projects.

  • Equipment loans - CSG loan projectors, laptops are available for loan to members of staff.

  • Printing - access to College and Dept printing facilities;

  • VPN - information on how to connect to local services securely from off-site.

  • High-Performance Computing - information on local HPC facilities.

  • VirtualHosting - HA Clustered Virtual Hosting on Intel/AMD x64 platforms.

  • Software - access to commercial software at reduced rates.

  • Download Tracking - how to add software to the Download Tracking System (to keep track of who downloads it).

  • Lexis - our Linux-based Electonic Exam Invigilation system - talk to us for details.

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