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Connecting to the departmental printing servers

CSG provide a central print server through which DoC users may submit and manage print jobs. This document describes how to set up a machine that is not CSG-managed to use this printing service.

If you only wish to use an ICT-managed printer from such a machine, however, you can simply follow the guide-lines on the corresponding ICT web-site. If you are a DoC staff member or DoC research student and wish to use other department-specific printers, then read on.

There are two ways to connect to the central CSG print service:

  • Via the Windows File and Print Sharing service on the machine;

  • Via the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) on the machine

Printer Restrictions

Most printers in DoC are restricted to Staff and PHD students.

Students should normally print to the lab printers (ICTMono and ICTColour). These are now run by ICT (Central college IT services) and use a quota system. Every student is allocated a certain amount of quota at the start each term. You can purchase additional quota here.


Windows clients are served by the Windows File and Print Sharing service on the machine

To add a specific printer to your machine, use Start - Run -> \\\printer, where printer is the name of the printer you wish to connect to.


Linux clients are served by the Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) service on the machine

Linux desktops with the supported DoC install should already be configured to use the central print system. You may experience difficulties with other systems if your username doesn't match your DoC username.

Mac OS X

Please see the separate guide on Apple Macs in DoC for instructions on how to set up printing to DoC printers.


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