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Database Services

Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) provide you the ability to store large amounts of relational (tabular) records in many interlinked tables. A query language called SQL (the Structured Query Language) is used to create tables, insert/update records, and perform complex queries on the data.

In DoC, we support the following RDBMS implementations:

  • PostgreSQL, a high-quality open-source RDBMS, originally created as a reimplementation of Ingres;

  • Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft's flagship SQL server implementation, which is remarkably similar to the old Unix RDBMS, Sybase.

Current PostgreSQL services offered include:

  •, running PostgreSQL 8.3, intended for general teaching and educational use;

  •, running PostgreSQL 7.4, dedicated for DoC research group activities. Soon to be upgraded.

Current Microsoft SQL services offered include:

  •, running SQL Server 2003, intended for general teaching and educational use.

Please see our:

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