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Email: IMAP/SMTP Client Settings

Many years ago, DoC used to operate its own mail system separately to the rest of the College. In 2011 we migrated all our users' mailboxes to the College Email system, based on Exchange, More recently the whole College email system migrated into the cloud via

The mail domain now only exists for backwards compatibility, is run by ICT, and uses a frozen mailmap which essentially maps every XXX@doc email address onto the equivalent @imperial (or offsite) email address. So, for instance, new email sent to is sent onto, and similarly new email sent to is sent onto

  • Note that new members of DoC since about June 2012 do not have any @doc email addresses, only @imperial ones.

College Email Settings

If you have a College mailbox then you should use these settings, in any IMAP-capable email client, eg. Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Outlook, create a separate email account:

IMAP Server



IMAP port

This is the standard IMAP SSL port

IMAP username

your college

IMAP password

leave blank
For security, it is better for your client to ask for your password when you initially connect.

IMAP server directory

leave blank

Folder subscription

This varies between clients, but it is best to automatically enable subscription to all mailboxes.

SMTP Server


Note that this is not the same as SSL. It may also be shown as STARTTLS.

SMTP authentication


SMTP port

This is the message submission port.

SMTP username

your college

SMTP password

leave blank
as above


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