Email : Introduction

Email is freely available to DoC staff and students. Please be sure to check your email on a regular basis; it is considered to be the primary method of communicating with staff and students within the Department.

Historically, DoC operated its own mail system separately to the rest of the College. We have now migrated to the College Exchange system, and all new users are setup with College Exchange mailboxes from day one. The mail domain is now frozen and exists only for backwards compatility to ensure that email sent to old email addresses is routed on it's way to (usually) a College mailbox.

The DoC email domain will exist in this frozen state for as long as it is needed - most likely, many years. CSG and DoC will take the final decision when the DoC email domain could ever be killed off.

This page attempts to give accurate information about both systems.

Email addresses

Your primary email address at Imperial is usually of the form:




In addition, you can also be emailed as:

where xyz13 is your login

Long-standing DoC users also have two other addresses (but new DoC users do not!):

where abc09 is your login



Email sent to any of these addresses should always end up in the same place -- your College mailbox (unless you've chosen to forward your College email offsite).

Email: so how do I read it?

Unless you have chosen to forward your College email offsite somewhere, you may read all College email via:

A few users are experiencing "500 Internal Server Error" when they login to If this happens to you, please contact the ICT service desk (0207 594 9000, aka x49000, level 4 Sherfield).

More info about College email:

How to find an email address

Someone in DoC

Use the DoC People Finder

Someone in Imperial

Use the College Directory

Someone elsewhere

Ask them! (Or perhaps try Google.)

Mailing lists

CSG maintains various automatically generated mailing lists enabling users to mail groups of people within DoC, passing this information automatically to ICT. Some mailing lists are restricted to staff only, mainly to avoid people using them to send junk mail. Others can only be used if you are emailing from within the Department. Most lists have a backwards compatible form such as and a new College-compatible form such as

Students should only send email to mailing lists if you have been given permission to do so, by the Senior Tutor. Staff should take care in which mailing lists they use; if in doubt, consult CSG.

Sending email about trivial issues (e.g. "I've lost my...") to large mailing lists is not only forbidden, but also very unwise -- since the sender may well receive unwanted replies from irate users.

It should be noted that sending mail to a large mailing list places a heavy load on the College mailservers, since it will have to deliver around 1500 copies of the same message.

See the main Mailing lists page for lists of automatically generated lists and their current members.

Some notes of caution

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