DoC Computing Support Group

Managed Windows

CSG provide a managed distribution of Microsoft Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit versions) on Departmental desktop PCs, providing centralised authentication, automated software and security updates, and automated configuration for use with local network services, such as access to network file stores and network printing facilities.

In addition, a wide range of high-quality open-source and proprietary software is provided to support a wide range of research, teaching and administrative activities.

Dual-booting with a CSG managed Linux installation is also supported, and a common configuration. We are also experimenting with a virtualised Windows 7 install on a Linux-only desktop.

Terminal Services

Remote login to a central Terminal Services cluster, is available for users who need quick and ready access to a standard CSG Windows installation without being required to reboot or find a suitable free terminal.

Access to the Terminal Services cluster is available as a standard feature to all DoC users, and can be accessed using the Terminal Services utility on Windows and MacOS X clients, or using the rdesktop utility on Linux machines.


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