Kenya Reference Guide

Tristan Allwood

Matthew Sackman

The Kenya Reference Guide

This is a guide to the usage the Kenya System and Language.

Table of Contents

1. Kenya Syntax
Method Declarations
Returning from a Method
Method Invoking
Methods Example
Control Flow
For Loops
While Loops
If Statements
Switch Statements
2. Kenya Types
Kenya Primitive Types
Kenya Class Types
Kenya Built In Types Example
Kenya Array Types
3. Kenya Built In Functions
4. Kenya Advanced Language Features
Enumerated Types
Advanced Kenya Features Examples

List of Tables

1.1. Kenya Boolean Operators
1.2. Kenya Numerical Operators
1.3. Kenya Relational Operators
2.1. Kenya Primitive Types
2.2. Kenya Character Escape Sequences
3.1. Kenya Built In Numerical Functions
3.2. Kenya Built In Trigonometric Functions
3.3. Kenya Built In Input-Output Functions
3.4. Kenya Utility Functions

List of Examples

1.1. Comments Example
1.2. Methods Example
1.3. For Loop Example
1.4. While Loops Example
1.5. If Statement Example
1.6. Switch Example
1.7. Assertion Example
2.1. Class Type Example
2.2. Types Example
2.3. Array Initialisation
2.4. Array Indexing and Length Interrogation
3.1. Input-Output Built In Functions
4.1. Enumerated Types and Switch Example
4.2. Advanced Kenya Features Example - With Linked Lists.
4.3. Advanced Kenya Features - With Arrays