SceneLib Documentation

Several documents are available here which which help you to get to grips with how SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow work and the design decisions behind the software.
monoslamtutorial.pdf A tutorial presentation in PDF format by Paul Smith which gives an overview of both the algorithms behind MonoSLAM and the structure of SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow. This is certainly a good starting point.
models.pdf A PDF document by Andrew Davison explaining the way in which modular model classes are used within SceneLib to permit the specifics of a robot and sensor platform to be dropped into the main library.
SceneLib/README README file copied from the SceneLib directory which gives more information on the structure and design of the library.
MonoSLAMGlow/README README file copied from the MonoSLAMGlow directory which gives detailed instructions for installation and basic use of the MonoSLAMGlow application.
In addition, comprehensive API source code documentation generated using Doxygen is available within the SceneLib directory after compilation (this documentation was written primarily by Paul Smith). Type `make docs' in the SceneLib directory to generate this documentation within the SceneLib/html directory.
Andrew Davison