David Birch
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David Birch

PhD student in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London.
Member of the Software Performance Optimisation Group. Supervised by Professor Paul H J Kelly
Sponsered by the EPSRC [http://www.epsrc.ac.uk ] and Arup [http://www.arup.com | http://www.driversofchange.com/ ]

Research Interest:

David's research concerns the application of Software Optimisation & Performance Profiling techniques to the process of Urban Master planning. David is currently developing a tool for automatically analysing urban master plans with the aim of giving design insight for urban master planners. This work is in conjuction with www.arup.com

Daylight factor analysis of procedurally generated city

More information can be found here


Conference Paper: "Extraction and Analysis Methodology for Supporting Complex Sustainable Design"  - Helen Liang & David Birch - to appear at International Conference on Engineering Design www.iced2011.org

MSci Thesis: "Unifying Procedural Graphics", Supervisor Professor Duncan F Gillies, Second marker Dr. Andrew Davison
Awarded Distinguished Project status June 2009 [Full Report PDF 6.25Mb] [Slides PDF 2.74Mb] [Screenshots #1,#2,#3,#4]

Game Engine Mapping: A comparative study carried out between Oct 2009 & January 2010 into the scalability of game engines for use in the Built Environment Modeling (BEM) community. Work carried out in conjunction with Arup. [Full Report PDF 1.35Mb] An multi-dimensional interactive mapping application was constructed to aid exploration of the data set and is available here [Silverlight Required]

Previous Study

MSci Joint Mathematics & Computing @ Imperial College London (2009)