About The Group

Kevlar was designed and written by 5 MEng students as part of their prize-winning, 3rd year group project "A User-Friendly, Type-Safe, Graphical Shell". The group comprised of:

  • Tristan 'Tool Man' Allwood - Group leader, responsible for lots of ant build scripts, and making programs run.
  • Daniel 'Usability' Burke - Reponsible for working on the type checking in Kevlar, sophisticated keyword based searches, mediating between the GUI layer and those below it and the 'Show' pane.
  • Steve 'Dancing Layouts' Zymler - Responsible for the lower layers of the project, work on the type system, and also for the algorithm that automatically lays out programs and pipes.
  • Kate 'GUI' Itskova - Responsible for many of the panes in the GUI and saving and loading of pipelines into the GUI.
  • Marc 'not Eric' Hull - Group Secretary, responsible for the overall look and feel of the GUI and the implementation of the keyboard model, also ran the group discussion forum and logs.
  • Eric - Who was always there.

The project was supervised by Dr. Paul Kelly. The group would like to thank Dr. Kelly for all his help and guidence, and to also remind him that Eric wasn't real :)