As part of the requirements for the group project, the group had to produce 3 reports, an executive summary and a presentation about their work.

Report 1 was to be submitted early in the project and outlines the specifications for a successful project and also the initial design plans, divisions of labour and responsibilities within the group.

Report 2 was to be submitted half way through the project development, and was to show progress on the project and how the inital design plans translated into the chosen implementation routes.

The Executive Summary was a cover sheet to the Final Report, outlining in one page what the project was about.

The Final Report was the final document explaining all we had done on the project, with an evaluation of our work and conclusions we drew from it.

Our Presentation Slides were used during our 30minute presentation/demonstration of the Kevlar system.

Finally, the User Guide has been extracted from the Final Report and presented here for any users that would like to get to grips with the Kevlar system.