Installation Guide

To install Kevlar, you need to be running a Windows or Linux system with Java 1.5 installed on your system. (If you don't know what version of Java you have, you won't have 1.5!). This can be downloaded from

Next you need to download the latest version of the installer.

Under most versions of Windows you can simply double click the jar to launch the installer, from Linux issue the command java -jar installer.jar.

If you are having trouble installing for Windows, see our Windows install guide.

Follow the install steps through.

Finally launch Kevlar from the start menu/desktop/ file depending on your installation environment.

For Linux users, there is also a dependency on having a version of Mozilla installed (Firefox is strongly recommended) and that your $MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME environment variable points to where it is installed (e.g. /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/).

The literal source code for the project is also available under the MIT License. Due to time constraints, we havn't had chance to explain the build-from-source procedure. The source zip file can be grabbed from here.