DoC Computing Support Group

Staff and PhD students

In order to receive an account, you will need to fill out the CSG New User Form, and have it signed by your Line Manager. Completion of this form indicates your acceptance of both the College's Conditions of Use for IT Services. Please ensure that you have read and understood this document.

  • Return your form to CSG in 225 Huxley.
  • We will create your DoC account within a working day, often later the same afternoon.
  • Collect your account info sheet from us in 225 Huxley.
  • Activate your College (ICT) account by visiting ICT's Account Activation page. As part of this, you will choose your own initial College password.

  • All new staff and PhD students are setup with College Exchange mailboxes from day one. Please see our documentation on email for more information. If you would like to access your College email from the web, use College Webmail. Historically, DoC operated its own mail system separately to the rest of the College, that's no longer the case.


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