DoC Computing Support Group


Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve common tasks.

Short Guides

Here are a series of short guides, PDF documents ready to print:

More will follow.

File Storage

How to access and manage your files on network fileservers, including:


Please see the ICT Printing Guide for information on configuring your standalone laptop, desktop, or mobile device to use the ICT print service. For printing from the departmental Linux computers, please consult the this web-page.

Please see the following guides if you are member of staff or a PhD student requiring access to a CSG-managed work-group printer within the department:


How to access and manage databases housed on one of the Department's database servers.

Web Hosting

How to set up and use the web-hosting services provided for groups and individuals.

Private IaaS Cloud

You can find the main documentation for the Department's Private IaaS Cloud here


We provide some information about using Java in special ways in the Department:

Computer purchase and support


This information is intended mainly for users of workstations within the Department of Computing. Windows 7 runs on workstations in the student labs, and on machines installed in the last year for staff and research students. Older machines used by staff and research students may still have Windows Vista or even Windows XP; please contact us to upgrade these.



Version Control

DoC Virtual Private Networks

WITHDRAWN: We are in the process of decommissioning our DoC VPN, please use the College VPN instead. If you have questions about this, please mail us.

Remote Access to DoC

How to set up and use remote access.

PlanetLab at DoC

Information about PlanetLab.

Long Running Processes on DoC Linux machines

How to avoid inconveniencing other users when you need to run Long Running Processes on DoC Linux machines.


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