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DoCRoam is the access mediation system that governs access by portable devices to the Departments' wired and wireless networks using the old IC DoC SSID. Please note that we are phasing this out and recommend that you connect to the Imperial-WPA SSID instead.

Anyway, if you're still using IC DoC and DoCRoam, it allows staff and students in the department to register their portable device via a simple web interface and obtain free roaming access to local network resources and the Internet.

Guests of local users and attendees of conferences held locally are also able to register with the service, provided that a local representative has provided them with a registration token. The College Imperial-WPA SSID also supports conference registrations.

(Registration tokens are short-lived -- typically for the duration of a single event being held in the Department -- but can be shared amongst any number of guests.)

Local users who wish to create a new registration token for guests to use can do so via the DoCRoam event registration interface.


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