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LogIC Seminar

The logic seminar is a weekly event on logic and the theoretical aspects of computer science. It usually takes place on Thursday, 3pm in the Department of Computing's Huxley building. As well as established speakers, we strongly encourage PhD students and postgraduates to speak. The current organisers are Björn Lellmann, James Smith, Xiuyi Fan and Paolo Turrini.

Thursday 7th November, time TBC
Room TBC
Quantum logic: categorical, contextual, or modal?
Thursday 17th October, time TBC
Room TBC
A Geometrical Logic for Information Flow
Thursday 10th October, time TBC
Room TBC
Methods for Generating Random Specialised Argumentation Frameworks
Thursday 27th June, 3pm
Room 218
Using logic-based tools to understand the evidence in treating lung cancer
Thursday 20th June, 3pm
Room 308
Text simplification and information access
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