A Guide to Alloy
Welcome to A Guide to Alloy!

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This site explores the Alloy specification language and its application with the Alloy Analyzer. We recommend those new to Alloy navigate the site in sequence using the Previous/Next buttons at the top of the page. This will ensure you obtain the best understanding of each page. Please note you can jump to any section at any time via the menu (left) as well!

In the introduction you can find a brief history and the philosophy behind Alloy. The tutorial will walk you through all the basics and there are ten questions in the Test Yourself! section to try out. Of course there are other specification languages, some of which are described in Alternatives to Alloy.

Finally, this is not a comprehesive guide to Alloy but is only meant to be a taster. For more information on Alloy, we recommend you try the links found at the end of the tutorial and in the introduction.