A Guide to Alloy
Alloy won't start up!
Make sure you have the right version for you operating system (can be found here). Also make sure you have the latest version of Java (this can be downloaded here).
I tried to call a function but I get a syntax error!
Syntax for function calls changed in Alloy 4 from call(var1, var2) to call [var1, var2]. You will need to use square brackets.
The instance I get is not the same as the one in the tutorial!
Alloy does not guarantee to give you the same models in the same order everytime. If you ask Alloy for other instances of the model (by clicking next), you should get to the solution in the tutorial. If you still cannot find the instance then you may not be projecting it over the right elements, check the tutorial you are on to see what the model is projected over.
My code does not highlight in Alloy!
This most likely means that you are using a version of Alloy older than 4.1. To download the latest version of Alloy visit its website.
Can I save the image from the visualizer?
On Alloy 4.1 or greater you can right click (Ctrl + Click for Mac) on the solution you would like to save and then click on "Export to PNG or PDF".