SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow Requirements, Download and Installation

At the current time, SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow run on Linux systems, although you may have success compiling them for other platforms and we hope to officially support more options soon. The software is in standard C++.


SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow make use of the excellent VW34 library for real-time vision developed by Oxford's Active Vision Lab (see the file VW34/AUTHORS for more details), which supplies image handling, camera and file interfaces, graphics and GUI support and numerics via VNL. In addition, MonoSLAMGlow uses the GLOW library to provide a graphical user interface. GLOW is by Daniel Azuma. Both of these libraries are released under the same LGPL license as SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow and are mirrored for download below.

At a more basic level, you will need the following libraries to compile VW34, SceneLib and the executable example program MonoSLAMGlow. These are all part of a standard modern Linux installation (e.g. Fedora Core, Suse, Ubuntu) though may not be installed on your system by default. I personally run Fedora Core (currently version 5) though others have successfully run MonoSLAMGlow on various distributions. Some more information on installing libraries is given in the README file below.

OpenGL OpenGL is used for graphics within parts of VW34, SceneLib/MonoSLAM and MonoSLAMGlow (although the primary functionality of SceneLib does not depend on OpenGL). An implementation of OpenGL should be available on most platforms, but for real-time or fast operation we strongly recommend getting an implementation which permits hardware 3D acceleration. On Linux systems with XWindows, for most graphics cards accelerated X servers are available from your graphics card manufacturer (e.g. or and are easy to install.
Glut Software extension to OpenGL. Probably installed as standard. Sometimes found in the freeglut package (e.g. Fedora Core 4). Also install the relevant -devel package.
Pthread Multithreading library (should be standard).


First download the following two libraries on which SceneLib depends:
vw34.tar.gz VW34 (Vision library from Oxford's Active Vision Lab)
glow_104.tar.gz GLOW 1.04 (Glut-based GUI library by Daniel Azuma)
Then download the SceneLib and MonoSLAMGlow packages:
scenelib.tar.gz SceneLib 1.0 (SLAM Library)
monoslamglow.tar.gz MonoSLAMGlow (GLOW-based MonoSLAM application program)
Finally, an example image sequence which works with MonoSLAMGlow in off-line mode is available here:
testseqmonoslam.tar.gz Example image sequence


Follow the installation instructions in the README file MonoSLAMGlow/README (either via this link or from within the MonoSLAMGlow directory once you have unpacked it). This gives full directions from unpacking and compiling each of the source code packages to running the example application.
Andrew Davison