Andrew Davison: Research

I hold the position of Professor of Robot Vision at the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, and lead the Robot Vision Research Group and the Dyson Robotics Laboratory at Imperial College.

I am working in computer vision and robotics: specifically my main research has concerned SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) using vision, with a particular emphasis on methods that work in real-time with commodity cameras. This is technology that can provide low-cost and robust real-time localisation and scene understanding for domestic robots, humanoid robots, wearable sensors, game interfaces or other devices.

Currently my main research interests are in improving the performance in terms of dynamics, scale, detail level, efficiency and semantic understanding of real-time 3D vision. Imperial College Robotics; Imperial College Computer Vision: please contact me if you have an outstanding background and motivation to undertake PhD studies or post-doctoral research as I am always looking for excellent new team members. I apologise that I am not always able to reply to all messages but you can be sure that your message will catch my eye if you have top level mathematics and programming skills and experience which is relevant to our research. Unfortunately we do not normally have positions for interns or short-term visitors.

Current Post-Doc

Zeeshan Zia: Future Computing Architectures for Real-Time Computer Vision (started January 2014)

Current PhD Students

Renato Salas-Moreno: SLAM with Objects and Future Computing Architectures for Computer Vision (started October 2010; co-supervised with Prof. Paul Kelly)
Jan Jachnik: Light Field SLAM (started October 2011)
Jacek Zienkiewicz: Dense Vision for Mobile Robot Guidance (started April 2012)
Robert Lukierski: Rapid Room Understanding using Wide Angle Vision (started July 2012)
Lukas Platinsky: Dense SLAM Algorithms (TBC!) (joined Robot Vision Group April 2013)
Hanme Kim: SLAM with an Event-Based Camera (started December 2012)
Akis Tsiotsios: Underwater Vision and Photometric Stereo (joined Robot Vision Group November 2012; co-supervised with Dr. T-K Kim)
Ping-Lin Chang: 3D Dense Vision / Surgical Guidance (joined Robot Vision Group January 2013; co-supervised with Dr. Eddie Edwards)

Please also see the Dyson Robotics Laboratory site for information on the the members of that research group.

Research and News

Please see the Robot Vision Research Group Webpage and the Dyson Robotics Lab Webpage for news, videos and publications about my group's work. And please visit my publicly accessible Google+ page for up-to-date research news, thoughts and discussions about computer vision, robotics and the wider world of technology!

Andrew Davison