Andrew Davison: Software

New Software

For up-to-date SLAM software from my research group please visit the Dyson Robotics Lab Webpage or the older Robot Vision Group Software Page.

SceneLib 1.0

SceneLib 1.0 (May 2006) is the latest release of my open source C++ library for real-time SLAM, and incorporates for the first time full support for real-time MonoSLAM.

Note however that SceneLib is now unmaintained, and is tricky to compile on modern systems. As of 2012, if you are interested in MonoSLAM I would recommend SceneLib2, written by Hanme Kim. This is a great re-implementation, with the same functionality as the original software but updated to use modern libraries and tools such as Eigen, Pangolin and CMake; and can be run either on my original file sequences or with a live USB camera.

Matlab-based MonoSLAM with Inverse Depth

Matlab code for monocular SLAM which was developed in collaboration with J. M. M. Montiel and Javier Civera from the University of Zaragoza, Spain is now available on the SLAM Summer School 2006 webpage (click on Practicals from the menu). A full practical exercise on using this software is also available and it is a good way to start learning about MonoSLAM. In particular, this implementation highlights the new inverse depth feature parameterisation.

SceneLib 0.81

Release 0.81 of SceneLib (released June 2001) is still available. This version is now unsupported and relies on some out of date libraries, so I would not advise using it as the basis for development. What it does offer which may still be of interest are precompiled executable simulations in several different SLAM scenarios which serve as tutorials for those new to SLAM. These should still run on any modern Linux system.
Andrew Davison