An index of web-pages of interest to people involved with cryptography and security research - lots of information here!

An introductory course in Computer Security (Technion, Israel) - useful background reading around the subject.

Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability - a nice quick overview of what it means and how it applies in Security Analysis

Set of slides on an introduction to Buffer Overflows and similar security attacks - nice clear diagrams... not too much detail

A rather more detailed look at Buffer Overflows, and a presentation of StackGuard; a method of defending against them

Improving the Security of Your Site by Breaking Into it - does exactly what it says... quite difficult stuff about real methods used

Tuomas Aura's Homepage (until December 2000) - lots of interesting and specific articles, but quite a difficult read

A curious article on email privacy (or lack thereof)

Our Project Report (in postscript format)

Our presentation slides (in ppt format)

bufferoverflow.c (the example code handed out in our presentation) - Microsoft Word format / text format (code only)