Dominic Orchard - Imperial College London

PhD Dissertation

  • Programming contextual computations
    Dominic Orchard, University of Cambridge, 2014, Technical Report PDF
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  • Complexity bounds from abstract categorical models
    Dominic Orchard [PDF]
    Extended abstract. Presented at DICE 2015 (Workshop on Developments in Implicit Computational Complexity)
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  • Effect Systems Revisited — Control-Flow Algebra and Semantics
    Alan Mycroft, Dominic Orchard, Tomas Petricek
    "Semantics, Logic, and Calculi", 2016 Festschrift for Hanne and Flemming Nielson, LNCS 9560 [PDF] [Springer]
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  • Effects as sessions, sessions as effects
    Dominic Orchard, Nobuko Yoshida
    POPL 2016 [preprint PDF] [Artifact page].
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  • Evolving Fortran types with inferred units-of-measure
    Dominic Orchard, Andrew Rice, Oleg Oshmyan.
    ICCS 2015 and selected for the special issue of the Journal of Computational Science. [pre-print PDF,Elsevier version].
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  • Using session types as an effect system
    Dominic Orchard, Nobuko Yoshida.
    PLACES 2015 [pdf]
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  • Embedding effect systems in Haskell
    Dominic Orchard, Tomas Petricek.
    Haskell Symposium 2014 [PDF]
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  • Temporal semantics for a live coding language
    Sam Aaron, Dominic Orchard, Alan Blackwell.
    Workshop on Functional Art and Music (FARM) 2014 [PDF]
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  • Coeffects: A calculus of context-dependent computation
    Tomas Petricek, Dominic Orchard, Alan Mycroft.
    ICFP 2014 [PDF]
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  • A computational science agenda for programming language research
    Dominic Orchard, Andrew Rice.
    ICCS (International Conference on Computational Science) 2014 [preprint PDF]
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  • The semantic marriage of monads and effects (extended abstract)
    Dominic Orchard, Tomas Petricek, Alan Mycroft, 2013, [arXiv:1401.5391] (local PDF)
  • Upgrading Fortran source code using automatic refactoring
    Dominic Orchard, Andrew Rice.
    WRT'13 (ACM Workshop on Refactoring Tools 2013, colocated with SPLASH 2013) [PDF]
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  • Automatic SIMD Vectorization for Haskell
    Leaf Petersen, Dominic Orchard, Neal Glew.
    Proceedings of ICFP 2013 (Boston, MA, USA) [PDF]
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  • Coeffects: Unified static analysis of context-dependence
    Tomas Petricek, Dominic Orchard, and Alan Mycroft.
    Proceedings of ICALP'13 (Riga, Latvia) [PDF]
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  • A Notation for Comonads
    Dominic Orchard and Alan Mycroft.
    LNCS post-proceedings of IFL 2012. [PDF] [code]
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  • The four Rs of programming language design
    Dominic Orchard
    Addendum to ONWARD '11 Proceedings of the 10th SIGPLAN symposium on New ideas, new paradigms, and reflections on programming and software.
    [PDF] [@ACM DL]
  • Efficient and Correct Stencil Computation via Pattern Matching and Static Typing
    Dominic Orchard and Alan Mycroft
    IFIP Working Conference on Domain-Specific Languages, Bordeaux, September 2011 (DSL 2011')
    [PDF at the arXiv] [implementation]
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  • Haskell Type Constraints Unleashed
    Dominic Orchard and Tom Schrijvers
    10th International Symposium on Functional and Logic Programming, FLOPS 2010, Sendai, Japan, April 2010
    [On SpringerLink] [Author's Copy with corrections] | [Accompanying technical report] | [Prototype implementation]
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  • Ypnos : Declarative Parallel Structured Grid Programming
    Dominic Orchard, Max Bolingbroke, and Alan Mycroft
    5th ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Declarative Aspects of Multicore Programming, DAMP '10. Madrid, Spain, 2010.
    [PDF + corrections] [ACM Portal]
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  • muCell - Interdisciplinary Research in Modelling and Simulation of Cell Spatial Behaviour
    Dominic Orchard, Jonathan Gover, Lewis Herrington, James Lohr, Duncan Stead, Cathy Young, Sara Kalvala
    Reinvention: a Journal of Undergraduate Research, Volume 2, Issue 1, April 2009
    [Online version] | [PDF version] | [Shortened PDF version]
  • Integrating Lucid's Declarative Dataflow Paradigm into Object-Orientation
    Dominic Orchard and Steve Matthews
    Mathematics in Computer Science, 2(1), November 2008
    [PDF - author's copy]   [On SpringerLink]


  • Units-of-Measure Correctness in Fortran Programs
    Mistral Contrastin, Andrew Rice, Matthew Danish, Dominic Orchard, Computing in Science & Engineering 1521-9615/16, 2016 [PDF] [CiSE]
  • Book review: Computational Semantics with Functional Programming by Jan van Eijck and Christina Unger
    Dominic Orchard, Journal of Functional Programming (April, 2014) [preprint PDF] [JFP online]
  • The Unreasonable Effectiveness of (Basic Secondary School) Mathematics
    Dominic Orchard, Jesus College Annual Report 2012, (p.27-28) [magainze PDF] (has corrupted figure on p.28) [article PDF]

Old drafts and notes (some may be resurrected someday)

  • Categorical Programming for Data Types with Restricted Parametericity
    Dominic Orchard and Alan Mycroft.
    (Rejected from the TFP 2012 post-proceedings) [Draft PDF].
    (An earlier version appeared in the pre-proceedings of TFP 2012 as "Mathematical Structures for Data Types with Restricted Parametricity".)
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  • Should I use a Monad or a Comonad?
    Dominic Orchard. Unpublished work in progress (Dec 2011). [draft]
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