Available Positions

Funded PhD Position in Optimisation and Machine Learning

Funded PhD Position with BASF/Modern Statistics and Statistical Machine Learning CDT

Research Assistant/Associate in Bayesian Optimisation and Experimental Design

I encourage prospective postdoctoral researchers, PhD candidates, MEng/MSc students, and undergraduate students interested in our research to contact me. Please include a CV and a brief statement of your research interests. For current Imperial students, I regularly post opportunities for independent projects in the Department of Computing Project Portal. I am also open to student-proposed projects–please reach out to discuss.

Completed Research Projects

  • Computing MEng/MSc Projects
    • Radu-Alexandru Burtea, 2022, Constrained reinforcement learning for process optimization
    • Christopher Salvador Marquez Alvarez, 2022, Behavioural patterns of neural surrogate models subject to optimisation methods
    • Jaime Sabal Bermúdez, 2022, Constrained reinforcement learning for process optimisation link
    • Bo Peng, 2021, Data-driven uncertainty sets for robust optimization
    • Jiongjian Cai, 2021, Global optimization of trained Gaussian Process models
    • Charlotte Cronjaeger, 2021, Tensor-based autoencoder models for hyperspectral images link