As a guest lecturer, I carry out very limited teaching within the department. For a list of projects I supervise, please visit the project portal. You can contact me directly for custom project ideas.

I’m a fellow of higher education academy (FHEA) and hold a postgraduate certificate in university learning and teaching. I always strive to deliver excellence in teaching and take a particular interest in learning theory as well as digital and active learning.

External Talks & Workshops

I occasionally do talks and workshops in corporate environments to boost programming and machine learning skills within teams. Please reach out via the contact page if this may be of interest to you.

Programming Machine Learning
Python Python + TensorFlow
From foundations of programming such as loops, conditionals to software engineering principles and larger projects. Introduction to machine learning and modern deep learning techniques with common practices including neural networks.
Suitable for anyone looking to really understand what computing is all about and how programming shapes our lives in the digital age. Suitable for teams who want an honest and clear understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


“Very interesting use of the web app to teach practical content while also catering for the note takers.” (Introduction to Machine Learning - Neural Networks)

“He is an amazing lecturer and teacher, makes the topic understandable and interesting.” (C Programming)

“The neural network crash courses you gave us during the first checkpoint were vital towards steering us in the right direction.” (Project Supervision)

“puts a lot of effort into lecture quality, explains the material EXTREMELY well.” (Introduction to Machine Learning - Neural Networks)