Information for Current Full-time DOC Research Students

The Postgraduate Tutor is Julie A. McCann. Do not hesitate to contact her for any problems, however small - it is best to tackle problems early.

The research student representative is Ashley Brown (awb01). Please contact him with any questions, or requests.

Notice Board (last update 5/1/7)

October 2006 starters are required to hand in their 3 month periodic report by Jan 10!! See form and 'ALL you need...' section below



The IC print shop on walkway next to STA travel does printing and binding of theses. You can give them pdf even. And a purchase order













Requirements and Milestones


Forms etc


Periodic Progress report
Change of Supervisor, Change of Department, Interruption of Studies, Withdrawal and Other
MPhil to PhD Transfer
Thesis Template
LATEX (tar file)*,
WORD (to follow) 









General Information/Resources



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