Duncan Gillies:  A selection of papers in pdf format

I hope to add more papers here as time goes on. At present the only ones here are those that were prepared using pdf or have been requested at a time when I had the leisure to scan them.

Papers on Computer Vision

Sucar L E, Gillies D F and Rashid H U "Integrating Shape from Shading in a Gradient Histogram and its Application to Endoscope Navigation" 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ICAI-V) Cancun Mexico December 1992 (FullPaper)

Papers on Bayesian Networks

Sucar L E, Gillies D F, Gillies D A, "Objective Probabilities in Expert Systems" Artificial Intelligence 61 187-208 (1993). (Full Paper)

Sucar L E and Gillies D F, "Probabilistic Reasoning in high-level vision" Image and Vision Computing 12(1) 42-60 (1994).
Full Paper in pdf Format 7M

Kwoh C K and Gillies D F "Using Hidden Nodes in Bayesian Networks" Artificial Intelligence 88 1-38 1996 (FullPaper).

Kwoh, C K and Gillies, D F, "Probabilistic Reasoning and Multiple-Expert Methodology for Correlated Objective Data." Artificial Intelligence in Engineering 12 (1998), pp 21-33. (Full Paper)

Pappas A and Gillies D F "A new measure for the accuracy of a Bayesian Network" MICAI02 (Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2002) (Abstract: FullPaper)

Papers on Simulating Laryngoscopy

Rodrigues M A F, Gillies D F and Charters P (2001) "A biomechanical Model of the Upper Airways for Simulating Laryngoscopy" Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical engineering. 4 127-148. (Abstract: Full Paper)

Rodrigues M A F, Gillies D F and Charters P (2001) "Realistic Deformable Models for Simulating the Tongue during Laryngoscopy" Proc MIAR 2001 p.125-130, ISBN 0-7695-1113-9, IEEE order plan catalog number: PR01113, Library of Congress number: 2001087760 (Full Paper)

Statistical Pattern Recognition

Thomaz C E, Gillies D F and Feitosa R Q (2001) "Using Mixture Covariance Matrices to Improve Face and Facial Expression Recognitions" proc avbpa (Full Paper)

Reno A L, Booth D M and Gillies D.F (1998) "Deformable Models for Object Recognition in aerial images"  Proceedings of the SPIE: 3371. Automatic Target Recognition VIII.  pages 322-333 F.A. Sadjadi, editor. 13-17 April 1998, Orlando, Florida. (Full Paper)

Shape modelling and haptic devices

D.F.Gillies and M. Bourmpos “Modelling Soft Tissue Deformation using Principal component Analysis and Haptic Devices” IASTED Biomech 2003. (Full Paper)