LDRMC 2011 – First International Workshop on

Live Dense Reconstruction from Moving Cameras

In conjunction with the ICCV 2011, November 12, Barcelona, Spain

Materials from the Workshop

On this page we now provide and archive materials so far submitted by the workshop presenters of talks, demos and posters. Please pass on any other materials you would like us to make available on this page!

Invited Speakers

Andrew Comport, CNRS-I3S UNSA. Presentation slides.

Kurt Konolige, Willow Garage. Presentation slides.

Richard Newcombe, Imperial College London. Presentation slides.

Thomas Pock, TU Graz. Presentation slides.

Demos and Posters

Cevahir Cigla and A. Aydin Alatan, M.E.T.U. Turkey. Poster.

Martin Dobias and Radim Sara, Czech Technical University in Prague. Poster.

Gottfried Graber, Thomas Pock and Horst Bischof, TU Graz. Poster.